Saturday 20 December 2014


2 Stars/5

Lirael has never felt like a true daughter of the Clayr, as she is long past the age where she should have gained the sight.  She becomes a librarian, which has given her a purpose, learning charter magic and, with the help of the Disreputable Dog, stopping and destroying the evil in the library. At the same time, across the wall, in Ancelstierre, Prince Sameth is attacked by a powerful Necromancer. When he returns to the Old Kingdom, this experience has emotionally scarred him and is afraid to learn to be an Abhorsen, like his mother. Unknown to Lirael and Sam, their destiny’s are tied together as evil forces are growing on both sides of the wall.

Lirael is the second book in the Old Kingdom series, however, I did not enjoy it as much as Sabriel. Not much happens in this book, and I feel that this book and Abhorsen should have been merged into one.

 Lirael is full of self-pity and an annoying character as she thinks she is worthless and ugly while is actually powerful and attractive. Sam was not much better as, while I understand he was traumatised, he came across as an angst-filled teenager not a prince who is responsible for his people.

Lirael felt like an introduction for Abhorsen and I would recommend it if you want to read the next book. 

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