Thursday 30 May 2013

Broken Aro

4 Stars/5

After her city is invaded and has fallen, 15 year old Aro wakes up on-board a slave ship and is believed to be a boy thanks to her brothers disguising her before the city fell. Some of her cell mates are one of her brother’s friends, Kei a fey who has some connection to Aro and the mysterious Prince. After the boat sinks and they make it to the shore, they think they are safe but it is not that straight forward with surviving slavers, a terrible sickness and a prophecy, Aro will do anything to protect and look after her new family.

Broken Aro is a really good YA fantasy book which has adventure, magic, mythical creatures and a hint of romance.

Aro is a likeable and believable 15 year old girl who is frightened and scarred because she is going through a really hard time but she still is trying to remain strong and confident. I also liked the other characters especially her other prisoners as they all had their own different personalities but my favourites are the caring Kei and the secretive Prince, as they are both brave and protective. However, not knowing if Aro’s brothers were alive or dead did not affect me much, as we did not get to know them as well as we could have. 

Broken Aro is a really enjoyable YA fantasy book and I am looking forward to see what happens next in Broken Prince. I would recommend this book to fans of Tamora Pierce or Amber Argyle and people who like Slumber by Samantha Young.

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