Monday 13 May 2013


4 Stars/5

Kyra had a good and steady future as the master potioner; however, everything changes when she finds out that the kingdom is in danger. The only way she knows that she can save it is to kill her best friend, and heir to the throne, Ariana, but for the first time her poisoned dart misses. Now, with the help of a magical pig, she must find a way to find the princess and complete her task, but along the way she meets the handsome Fred who she cannot seem to get away from and cannot stop thinking about. Kyra now has to find a way to assassinate the Princess while hiding from those who once called her a friend all before it is too late.

Poison is a charming and sweet YA fantasy novel which has all the elements you want for a fun light read. While I thought I knew where the story was going, it surprised me with some unexpected twists which I did not see coming.

I like Kyra as she is strong, brave and is willing to do what is right even if it will cost her everything. I also like Fred as, unlike most YA love interests, he is a nice and geeky but most importantly he is a good guy, which is a change from the usual bad boy. However, my favourite character in Poison is Rosie the pig, as I wanted her myself and it adds charm and lightness to the book.

Poison is a lovely book and I wish there was going to be more books in this universe, however, sadly this is Bridget Zinn’s first and last book as she died before it was published. I would recommend this book to people who like Ella Enchanted and Brightly Woven. 

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