Wednesday 29 May 2013

The Assassin's Curse

2 Stars/5

Ananna runs away from an arranged marriage with an ally pirate clan as all she wants to be is a pirate captain and not a wife. However, her would be in-laws have sent an assassin after her for shaming them and running away but when the assassin reaches her, she accidently triggers a curse meaning that the assassin Naji has to protect her. Now they have to work together and find a way to break the curse but that will be harder than either of them could have known.

The Assassin’s Curse is an ok fantasy book which I should have liked as it had an interesting concept of both pirates and assassin’s but I know most will not agree but I just could not care about the characters or what happens to them.

Ananna is meant to be a strong, independent character but she just came across as whiny and was trying too hard to seem resourceful and feisty. However, Ananna was much better than Naji, who for a main romantic (kinda) male lead as he acted like a 13 year old who was always brooding and got upset at any little thing.

While the story was ok, the main problem with it is there is a massive plot hole at the beginning, as her parents raised her to be strong and independent and yet still expected her to be ok with being married off, it just did not add up.

I would recommend The Assassin’s Curse to people who like Greta and the Goblin King or Sora’s Quest.

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