Friday 25 October 2013

The Alloy of Law

4 Stars/5

It has been centuries after the events of the Mistborn trilogy and the world has changed with guns, electricity and railways, the world is very different from the world Vin, Elend and Spook knew.  Waxillium is a noble born who has been living in the Roughs for the last 20 years, but after a tragic accident he has decided to put aside his law keeper days and look after his house in Elendel. But when his old Roughs friend Wayne turns up and his arranged finance is kidnapped, Wax begins looking into the robberies and kidnappings of this mysterious group called the Vanishers. With help from Wayne and unusual noble lady Marasi, will Wax be able to use his Allomancy and Feruchemy powers to stop the hardest enemy he has yet to face?

The Alloy of Law is the sequel to the mistborn trilogy and is really good just like I have come to expect from Sanderson. However, because this book is shorter it lacks some of the world building compared to the other mistborn books. What I really liked about this book is how the world has evolved from the first 3 books in to a western but with the same cool powers, which is unusual in fantasy books, as the world tends to stay exactly the same centuries later.

I like Wax as he is willing to fight and die for what is right, however, I don’t know why maybe the age difference between us, but I did not feel like I could click with Wax as easily as I could with Vin. However, I really liked Marasi but especially Wayne as I enjoyed his sense of humour, his way of looking at the world and his weird obsession with hats.

I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to see what happens next to Wax, Wayne and Marasi in the next Novel Shadows of Self. I would recommend The Alloy of Law to people who enjoyed the Mistborn Trilogy or just good fantasy. 

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