Thursday 3 October 2013


4 Stars/5

Kyla and Jethro are the seekers of the prophecy and have already found two of the elements, and now have to find the other two immortal elements children of air and fire. At the same time they have to fight their growing love for each other and Kyla is lacking in faith as she is struggling to believe in Oron. The dark forces are willing to do anything to stop the seekers, and make sure the prophecy does not come to pass. In Taramon, Ashra is worried both about his fiancee, and about King Ashan’s darkness threatening his city, but when Ashan’s soldiers commit a terrible crime, Ashra decides he cannot stand idly by, and that Taramon needs to be able to defend itself.

Unseen is the really good second book in the Elements trilogy and it starts right were Unknown left off, and it is just as good if a bit darker. This is because it has more action, romance and with a brilliant adventure that leaves you wanting more.

I really like the sweet romance between Jethro and Kyla as the bond between them was so charming and they would sacrifice so much for the other’s safety and happiness, yet still understand that they have to complete the prophecy and stop the darkness. I also liked how we got to know Ashra better in this book, and we get to see how much he cares for Taramon and the people.

I will be reading the final book Unleashed to see how the trilogy concludes. I would recommend Unseen to fans of YA fantasy novels. 

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