Sunday 6 October 2013


4 Stars/5

Everyone believes that the prophecy has failed, and King Ashan and his dark forces have taken Taramon, now that he has nothing to fear from the prophecy. With Taramon defeated, Ashra and the rest of the men are being forced to tear the city apart brick by brick, while the queen, and the women and children are being taken by Safeer to Mezrah to face Ashan. But the prophecy has not failed; Kyla and Jethro have found all four of the elemental children and have accepted the light. Now Jethro and Kyla must rescue their people and bring light to the world which has for years been overwhelmed by Darkness.

Unleashed is the really good last book in the elements trilogy and it has a lot more action and fighting than the last two books. However, I did feel that this book was a bit rushed and I felt it could have done with an extra 50 pages.

The characters are the same as we have grown to know and like from the first 2 books but one thing I did find irritating was that the characters where either good or bad, and there was no one who was in-between. I also liked the different creatures in this series, but my favourite one is Flynt, and I wish he was real, as he was so sweet.

I will be reading more of Melissa Pearl’s books as I really enjoyed this trilogy. I would recommend Unleashed to fans of the first 2 books, Unknown and Unseen. 


  1. Thanks so much for three great reviews. I'm so glad you enjoyed the series :)

  2. Thanks, I really liked them.