Sunday 16 March 2014


1 Star/5

Thanks to Netgalley and 47North for giving me this book to review.

Tyrus of Kenatos believes the end of the plague, which ravages the kingdoms, is in Scourgelands, but his quest fails and most of his party don’t survive. Now years later he sends his nephew, a Druidecht, Annon, to find a hidden treasure to purchase his twin sister, Hettie’s, freedom along with the help of warrior-monk Paedrin. However, they find out that they have been manipulated and the ruthless leader of Kenatos, Arch-Rike is determined to stop them.

Fireblood is not a bad book, but I was bored while reading it and did not care about the story. I could not connect with the characters as they came across as stereotypical.

Fireblood is not a terrible novel but it did not hold my interest so I could not finish it.

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