Tuesday 4 March 2014

Stolen Songbird

4 Stars/5

Thanks to Netgalley and Strange Chemistry for giving me this book to review.

Cecile de Troyes is looking forward to moving to the city to sing, until she is kidnaped on her way home and taken beneath the Forsaken Mountain to fulfil a prophecy to set the trolls free. For 5 centuries the trolls have been trapped under the mountain because of a curse a witch put on them. Cecile is bonded and married to the troll prince Tristan but all she want to do is escape, but while she binds her time looking for the opportunity, she sees the unjust way the human-troll half-bloods are treated and starts to fall for Tristan, who is the rebellion’s secret leader. With both Tristan and Cecile seen as the hope for the trolls, she wants to help the people, but is she willing to risk her freedom for them?

I really enjoyed Stolen Songbird as it is a good YA fantasy book with romance, intrigue, rebellion and magic. I have not read any books about trolls and, while they were not what I usually think of as trolls, it was an interesting new fantasy creature.

Cecile is a good leading lady as she is not special but is still willing to help the race which kidnapped her and she is very strong willed and compassionate, however, I felt that she accepted her situation way too easily. I also liked Tristan as he is complex, as he has to be seen to agree this his father, while trying to help his people and at the same time struggling with his feelings for Cecile. I liked the romance, as it developed slowly, and they had to get to know each other, and understand the others situation, before they could trust and like each other.

I really want to read the next book as it ends on a big cliff hanger. I would recommend Stolen Songbird to fans to Touch of Power by Maria V Snyder and Seraphina by Rachel Hartman.

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