Monday 24 March 2014

The 5th Wave

3 Stars/5

The first 4 waves have killed Billions of people and now the few people left are waiting to see what the aliens have planned next. 16 year old Cassie is running from a silencer, an alien who look like a human and who kill any human they see. After being shot in the leg, Cassie is rescued by Evan Walker who may be her only hope to rescue her 5 year old brother, but with people not always being what they seem can she trust Evan. At the same time Zombie driven by the guilt that he could have saved his baby sister is at a military camp and is trained to be a solider, but is everything as it appears.

The 5th Wave is a good and dark dystopian book but it was a slow read, especially the start as I found it hard to get into. Yancey is really good at making you unsure who is a human and who is an alien as I kept on guessing. What I don’t understand is the effort aliens went to with their plans as they could have done it easier.

Cassie is a bit of an annoying character as firstly I did not like that the world was in ruins yet she goes weak at the knees around the first good looking man she sees. Secondly I did not understand why she waited so long to rescue her brother which makes her seem weak compared to Penryn from Angelfall. I liked Zombie better as while he made a lot of mistakes, he tried to learn from them and I can empathise with his guilt.

I enjoyed The 5th Wave and would recommend it to fans of Angelfall by Susan Ee.

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