Friday 13 June 2014


4 Stars/5

The Shifter is an immortal who lives in Mistwood forest, who is strong, has amazing instincts, and can change her form, she is bound to protect the kings of Samorna when they need help. Isabel remembers nothing when Prince Rokan takes her back to his castle, nothing about who she is and what her powers are. Isabel protects Rokan even though she knows he is keeping the reason he needs her help from her. When the truth comes out and everything changes, Isabel faces a choice which threatens the person she is meant to protect.

Mistwood is a very good YA fantasy book which is full of secrets, lies, loyalty and romance. It is really descriptive but was very slow to start and struggled to pick up for the first third of the book.

I liked Isabel when she was more human, having and struggling with her feelings, but when she was acting more like The Shifter I just could not connect with her as she lacked emotions. I liked Rokan as he was nice but not perfect and made mistakes.

I like that this is a standalone book and has a good but final ending. I would recommend Mistwood to fans of Kristen Cashore and those who have enjoyed Leah Cypess’s other books. 

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