Tuesday 10 June 2014


5 Stars/5

The countries of Idris and Hallandren are on the brink of war, so the king of Idris makes a deal by sending one of his daughters to marry the God King of Hallandren. However, when it is time to send one of them, instead of sending his oldest daughter, Vivenna, who has been preparing all her life, he sends his youngest and wildest, Siri. In Hallandren, magic is determined through the amount of breath people have, which controls how powerful you are and some who die come back as Gods. With princesses, Gods, Mercenaries and a mysterious man with an unusual sword, all having their own agenda, will there be peace between the two countries.

Warbreaker is a brilliant fantasy book full of political intrigue, action, romance and loads of surprises. Like most of Sanderson’s books it is big but you forget this as it so gripping. Also Sanderson has an amazing ability as each book or series has a unique magic system and interesting world building and this book is no different.

I like Siri as she coped despite being throw into a situation she had no choice in and was not prepared for. However, I found Vivenna a bit annoying and did not agree with some of her decisions. I really liked Lightsong as he is charming and a god who does not believe he is a god, which makes him unusual. I like Vasher as he is mysterious but one thing which did not seem right was his sword, Nightblood was referred to as a “him” but it definitely came across to me as a “she”.

I hope there is a sequel as I loved this book and I want to see what happened to all the characters. I would recommend Warbreaker to fans of Brandon Sanderson or people who like really good fantasy books. 


  1. This sounds really cool- especially the magic system. I've been wanting to read some Brandon Sanderson for a while, so I might have to buy this.

    1. Brandon Sanderson is amazing and I really recommend him to anyone who like fantasy.