Wednesday 15 October 2014

Aquila: From the Darkness

4 Stars/5

Thanks to T L Searle for giving me this book to review.

Aquila has always kept herself distant from everyone, apart from her mother and her best friend, Aaron, who she is in love with, because she is not normal as she has wings. One day on an impulse Aqua finally reveals her true self to Aaron only to be rejected and she flees, but she is followed by Lucas and when she nears exhaustion he takes her to Celthia, a city carved into the mountain full of people similar to her called Angeli. When her home is attacked and her mother taken by the Angeli’s enemy the Dragone, Aqua must train to find and save her, but the master of the guard, Liam, does not trust her, though she has growing feelings for him. With Aqua different from everyone at Celthia and a boy August who is linked to her, will she find all the answers about her mysterious past.

Aquila: From the Darkness is a very enjoyable paranormal book, full of action, secrets, romance and unique species from any other book I have read. The book started out a bit too detail heavy but I got sucked into the story of Aqua, though it was a little bit predictable.

Aqua is a protective, determined and mature girl who has always had to hide who she is, but I did find it unbelievable that she was so brilliant at her training after only one month. All the characters are really well written and I liked them all, my favourites had to be Liam and August.

This book ends on a big cliff-hanger and I am really looking forward to the next book Aquila: Into the Light as there are lots of unanswered questions. I would recommend Aquila: From the Darkness to fans of YA paranormal books. 

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