Tuesday 21 October 2014

Earth & Sky

3 Stars/5

Thanks to Netgalley and Amazon Children’s Publishing for giving me this book to review.

17 year old Skylar has always felt sensations that something is wrong with the world and no one else notices. She manages to hide it from those she loves but she thinks she is crazy until she meets Win, and she discovers the truth, that for thousands of years earth has been an experiment of alien scientists who manipulate history. Win belongs to a rebel faction who seek to stop the experiments and he needs Sky’s help as she has the ability to detect the shifts in history. With Sky and Win travelling back in time to collect a weapon from Win’s leader, every change in the past can affect Sky’s life and the travelling in time is unravelling the fabric of reality.

Earth & Sky is a YA sci-fi novel which reminded me a bit of the film The Adjustment Bureau, which is full of action, time travel and is fast paced.  However, I felt the world building was not the best, for example, the reason why the Kemyans are still experimenting was not the best explained.

I liked Skylar as she struggled for a long time with knowing she is not like everyone else and she was nice, but I did struggle a bit to connect with her. I really struggled to get on with Win, cannot put my finger in why because he was meant to be a nice and charming guy. There is potential for romance in the next book and I like that is was not a big part of the plot in this book.

Earth & Sky book has an interesting concept and would recommend to fans of YA sci-fi and time travel. 

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