Friday 24 October 2014

Into the Still Blue

3 Stars/5

Aria and Perry are determined to reach the safe haven of the Still Blue to protect the Tides and the surviving Dwellers. However, they are in a desperate situation with them stuck in a cave as the aether storms are getting worse and Sable and Hess have kidnapped Cinder for his abilities. Perry and Aria assemble a small rescue team to save Cinder and to get what they need to travel to the Still Blue. With the bonds of friendship being tested and the world dying will Aria and Perry be able to stay together and save everyone.

Into the Still Blue is the enjoyable final book in the Under the Never Sky trilogy, it was a bit predictable but fast paced. This series has action, adventure, romance and an interesting story.

Aria has grown in this series as has more confidence and has developed into a natural leader, with both the Dwellers and the Tides. Perry is the same from the previous books as he is strong, protective and loyal, but is also struggling with the loss of Liv. I also liked that Aria and Perry were together during most of the book as they are best when not separated. There are two other characters that I find really interesting in this book, firstly Sorren, as it is interesting how he has changed from a villain to one of the good guys, and secondly Roar as I felt very sorry for him and I like his relationship with both Perry and Aria.

This ended much better than most dystopian series as it ends just as satisfyingly as the first two books, and I am looking forward to what Rossi does next. I would recommend Into the Still Blue to fans of the first two books. 

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