Sunday 30 August 2015


Semara is desperate to rescue Ryder who is stuck in the middle of a battle with the queen. But the Triune is not what it once was, as they begin to doubt themselves and each other. Will they be able to sort out their issues or will there be no hope for defeating the queen?

Balance is a likeable third and final book in the Neumarian Chronicles. There is action, twists and lots of death and destruction, which you would expect with the book being set in the middle of a war.

Semara has grown up a lot in this series but it has come with some costs, as she second guesses her commands which has cost people their lives, which has caused her to be down. I liked how much Raeth has grown and matured during this series.

However, one thing which was so unrealistic was that after hardly talking and basically being separated for 18 months, Semara and Ryder had a half hour argument and heart to heart then they were all hunky-dory and then decided to get married the next day. It really threw me out of the book.

I would recommend Balance to fans of the first two books Escapement and Pendulum.

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