Friday 21 August 2015


3 Stars/5

Thanks to Anita Valle for giving me this book to review.

Heidel is not a normal princess as she would rather cook than curtsy and is not graceful or skinny. The princesses are preparing for the annual Fenwick’s feast festival but they are visited by the sarcastic Prince Eravis whose main hobby is irritating Heidel. When they both enter his father’s cake contest she has to try her hardest to beat him but will any of the princess’s notice that there is a far more deadly enemy after them.

Heidel is the enjoyable third novella of this sweet light fantasy series. It was predictable and had a nice love/hate relationship and has more underlying elements to the main plot of the series than previous books.

Heidel is my favourite princess so far as she is passionate about the things she wants to do like cooking and finding a cure for Red Fever, she is very protective of her sisters but she does have a temper. Prince Eravis is an enjoyable love interest, and I liked getting to know Briette and Ivy better.

I am looking forward to reading Briette’s book and I would recommend Heidel to fans of the first two books Maelyn and Coralina. 

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