Sunday 6 September 2015

Enchantress' Destiny

3 Stars/5

Thanks to Beth Caudill for giving me this book to review.

Having just found out that her witch boyfriend has been cheating on her and is disregarded by her arranged betrothed she has never met, Clairessa decides to spend a night with another elf that she feels an attraction to. While Rowe is in town to settle problems with his business he visits a club and meets a gorgeous woman but later find out that she works for him. However, the Goddess has a plan for the both of them as only they can stop a deadly curse.

Enchantress’ Destiny is an enjoyable fantasy romance novella but I preferred the first half to the second. It is set in a fantasy world but it had a contemporary feel to it. This is the second story in this series but I have not read the first one and it did not affect my enjoyment.

Claire is protective of herself, persistent and has a lot of pride in her work. Rowe lives life like a bachelor as he is distant to almost everyone but he is also stubborn.

I would recommend Enchantress’ Destiny to fans of fantasy romance books.

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