Friday 11 September 2015

Lark Rising

3 Stars/5

16 year old Lark is happiest at home and because of her power of sight she cannot cope being near large crowds. But when her sight warns her that her village will be attacked by Troths soon, she has to go on a journey to seek help from the legendary Riders of Tarnec. When she find the Riders of Tarnec, she  realises that one of them, Gharain, is the man who she has foreseen that she will fall in love with but who will end up killing her. Lark discovers that she is one of the most important people, the Guardian of Life, the first of the four Guardians who help keep the world in balance, but will Lark discover her true inner strength in time?

I liked Lark Rising as it is an enjoyable YA fantasy book but I did feel it lived up to its hype. It was slow to start but a sweet if a bit typical fantasy novel with nature, magic and a quest. It had decent world building but I could have improved as it lacked some depth.

Lark is a Mary Sue and I did get irritated at her but she develop more as the book went on as she grew more courageous and confident. While I do sometimes like the strong silent type, I did hope Gharain would warm up as I would have like to get to know him better but he was brave and loyal. I did role my eyes at the Gnome, Twig as I just didn’t like his character as I felt it was too cheesy.

Seems to be a Marmite book but I will want to read the next book Silver Eve. I would recommend Lark Rising to fans of Ever Darkening by Janeal Falor and Broken Aro by Jen Wylie.


  1. I agree, Lark Rising was a little slow at the beginning. For me, it was nearly enough to turn me away, but it got better as the plot progressed, and I'm looking forward to reading Silver Eve when it comes out!
    Great review :)
    ~Erika @ Books, Stars, Writing. And Everything In Between.

    1. Ditto I almost stopped near the beginning but I am glad I didn't :)