Thursday 18 August 2016

Bound by Love

4 Stars/5

Bound by love is the last book in the Elven Princess series and is a fun light read. This book is slower paced than the previous books but in a good way as there is more suspense and less action and constant kidnappings. This book also has more romance but it is very innocent and in a more fairytale fashion.

Arabella is intuitive, sincere and has grown stronger as the trilogy continued and does not give up. Robert has more responsibilities on his shoulders but he is still dependable, charismatic and diligent. Jocelyn comes across as unassuming but she is sociable and an empathic person and I feel she has become my favourite character in this series.

I did not see the twist at the end coming and I am looking forward to reading what Janeal Falor writes next. I would recommend Bound by Love to fans of the first two books in the Elven Princess series, Bound by Birthright and Bound to Endure, and this series to fans of light fantasy.

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