Monday 27 November 2017

Flame in the Mist


Flame in the Mist is an ok fantasy book but it did not hold my interest and I found it forgettable. I didn’t like the romance as it really came across as Stockholm Syndrome as she fell for someone she believes tried to kill her and killed her friends, which is a massive turn off in romances for me. The world building, especially the magic was not explained well at all and even by the end of the story there were lots of unexplained parts.

With Mariko, I wish Ahdieh has shown not told us how smart, resourceful, and observant she is, as I saw hardly any of them qualities in her during this book. The rest of the characters I didn’t really care about them apart from Kenshin, who I understood his motives and his loyalty towards his family.

I was indifferent towards this book which is disappointing as I was looking forward to it.

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