Thursday 23 November 2017



Fireblood is the second book in the Frostblood saga and while an enjoyable book I felt it was not as good as Frostblood. The story was fast paced and well written but was also predictable and has all of the clich├ęs I would expect from middle book. I really was not a fan of the love triangle as it was not needed and was only there to add drama when Kai and Ruby could have just been good friends and the story would have been practically the same.

Ruby want to discover her potential and find a place she belongs but it is annoying that she is the special snowflake and Chosen One when her character isn’t that interesting. She has also learnt to think more before she acts but still lacks emotional control. We do not see as much of Arcus as I would have liked but he is still stubborn, protective and moody. While I was not a fan of the love triangle, I really liked Kai as he was charming, charismatic and flirty, and was not afraid to express his emotions and vulnerable side.

I felt the ending was a bit rushed but I am still looking forward to the next book Nightblood. I would recommend Fireblood to people who enjoyed the first book Frostblood.

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