Tuesday 7 November 2017

Turbo 23


Thanks to Netgalley and Headline for giving me this book to review.

Another romp through the crazy life of Bounty Hunter and all-round klutz, Stephanie Plumb.  Her latest adventure involves working undercover at an ice cream factory, finding dead bodies, and being undecided between her two romantic partners, as usual.  She is aided and abetted in this by her friend and colleague, Lula, and her slightly dysfunctional family, especially Grandma Mazur.

The plot is not very complicated, and the whole book is very light and easy to read, and provides many a smile, so long as you don’t take it too seriously.  The humour is quite slapstick in nature, and there is always the opportunity to smile and marvel at the chaos that is Stephanie’s life.  The characters in this book are, as usual, larger than life, and not always based in reality, but if you wanted realism, you would not choose to read this series of books.

My favourite character, is, and always has been, Grandma Mazur.  I love the fact that she’s reached the age and attitude where she doesn’t care about anything, is willing to try everything, and is afraid of nothing.  She has buckets of self-confidence and I hope I am as feisty as she is when I get older.

I enjoyed Turbo 23 and would recommend it to people who have enjoyed other Janet Evanovitch novels, or those who like light comedy/crime novels.

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