Saturday 30 May 2015

Shadows on the Moon

3 Stars/5

Suzume has lived a happy life until her father is accused of treason and him along with her cousin are killed. Now she has left almost everything she has known to live with her mother and soon to be step-father. But Suzume is not a normal 16 year old as she has a magical gift. When she discovers she has been betrayed she uses her ability to escape and recreate herself, but who is the real Suzume, the lowly Drudge or the beautiful courtesan. With her unwavering resolve to get revenge, she is determined that nothing will get in her way, not even love.

Shadows on the Moon is an enjoyable standalone fantasy novel inspired by Japan which is a dark fairytale book about revenge. While it is based loosely on Cinderella, none of the characters are morally black or white. It is a quick read and is easy to get into this book which has suspense and romance, and deals with self-harm.

Suzume/Rin/Yue is a very likeable character but does not have an easy time, she has many different personalities in this book from the lively Suzume to the shy Suzu and others, while I didn’t agree with some of her decisions I could understand her need for revenge. Otieno is a really good character as he never gives up and is a bit innocent to the way of the world, and is a strong silent type. I also love Akira as she is caring and not your average YA character.

Shadows on the Moon has a sweet ending and I would recommend it to fans of fairytales.

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