Friday 30 October 2015


3 Stars/5

Bonded are three likeable NA novellas based of Grimm fairytales. However I did find that the novellas had a much slower pace than I was expecting.

Cinders          **
Cinderella is now a princess but life is not as perfect as she imagined, as a mysterious man from her past is stirring in the back of her mind and she begins to wonder if her marriage is real or just magic? Cinders is a twist on Grimm’s Cinderella as we get to see what happens after the happily ever after. I really could not connect with Cinderella as she was very indecisive and selfish, and I really did not like how she acted about the people her choices affected. The ending was rushed and left me feeling unsatisfied and is definitely not a HEA.

Thirds             ***
Issina is abused and hated by her mother and sister as she has no magic, and only finds comfort with her animal friends and the elves living in the woods, however the elves have a plan for her but does she want to do it? Thirds is my favourite novella in this book as it was faster paced and has more mystery than the others. It was also based on the Grimm’s story One-Eye, Two-Eyes, Three-Eyes, I did not know this fairytale but it did have a bit of a Cinderella feel to it. Issina is a kind character, who is lonely and looking for affection, but I did feel she was way to forgiving. This novella has a happier ending than the others.

Scales            ***
Serina is a young fairy who happily lives in the Realm of the Fairies, but when her mother is killed she defies law and follows her sister into the human realm but is she able to discover the cost of promises and the potential for darkness in her heart. Scales is a prequel to sleeping beauty and was enjoyable but because I knew what was going to happen it was predictable. However, I did feel it was the most action-packed and romantic of the three. I liked Serina as she was sweet and naïve and I felt I could connect with her the most. However, I did not like her sister, Aeline, as she has such a different personality to Serina and emotionally blackmailed her all the time. This novella has a bittersweet ending but I still liked it.

Bonded is an enjoyable collection of novellas and I would recommend to fans of fairytales.

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