Wednesday 7 October 2015

Hollow's Charge

2 Stars/5

Thanks to Arielle LeClair for giving me this book to review.

Magic has been lost and is taboo in the Three Lands for hundreds of years but a forgotten magical place, the Hollow, needs a new Keeper and Rosaleen has been chosen. However, one catch is that she must usurp the false and tyrannical Queen Asta and find a mysterious woman with an ancient royal bloodline and quickly before war is waged with a friendly neighbouring country. With help of both old and new friends Rosaleen must betray her house and country and become a fugitive to avoid capture before it is too late?

Hollow’s Charge is an OK fantasy book but I did find it hard to get into and it was slow. However, the story idea was interesting with adventure and magic, if a little bit predictable.

Roseleen is not a pushover as a character but does have doubts and can be gutsy. Rolan is protective, caring and loyal.

Hollow’s Charge had great potential but I found it too slow and hard to get into.

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