Sunday 23 February 2014


3 Stars/5

Sunday is the over looked youngest daughter in the Woodcutter family, who is meant to be powerful as she is the 7th daughter of a 7th daughter. One day she meets an enchanted frog and they soon become very close, until when she kisses the frog goodbye and he turns back into Prince Rumbold. However, Sunday’s family hate both him and his family for what happened to their brother. Back at the castle he must find a way to woo Sunday and stop a plot which could tear the Woodcutter family apart.

Enchanted is a quick, cute fairytale read, but, it did come across a bit disjointed as there were too many references to different fairytales. However, I did like how days of the week poem was incorporated and how they fitted with the sisters personalities.

I found it hard to connect to Sunday and Rumbold as, both them and most of the characters, felt flat and unbelievable, the one person who really captured my interest was Thursday and I wish were was more of her in this book. Even though it is a fairytale and you expect quick romance, this was just too quick and unrealistic. I was confused quite a bit in this book as Jack and other plot points were mentioned and came across as being important only to never come up again.

This is a nice light book which is good to read if you are feeling under the weather. I would recommend Enchanted fans of fairytale retellings. 

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