Monday 3 February 2014

Jaded Stone

4 Stars/5

Thanks to Netgalley and All Night Reads for giving me this book to review.

Crown princess Valencia Roth is lonely and all she wants to do is her duty to her kingdom, Sheas, and her people, and to bring peace to all three kingdoms, Sheas, Thalmas and Eltar. Having decided to try and marry Oren, ruler of Eltar, who is also a cornerstone like Valencia but some people what to kill her because they are against bindings the lines. Then she meets Reid and dares to hope that she can have something for herself and fall in love with someone she wants. However, after a disaster, Valencia decides that she is not going to do what she is told and to make her own path.

Jaded Stone is a very enjoyable fantasy book with action and romance. I have not read cornerstone, however, I did not feel like I missed anything but it might be more enjoyable to read it in the correct order.

Valencia is not your normal lovable YA princess, as she is sure of herself and does not let herself get walked over especially if it is what is best for her kingdom even if it is not what is best for her. The secondary characters are all well written and three dimensional, however, I wish we could have seen more of Oren’s POV.

I will sometime be reading Cornerstone as I really enjoyed this book. I would recommend Jaded Stone to fans of YA fantasy books. 

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