Tuesday 18 February 2014

Into the Deep

2 Stars/5

Thanks to Untreed for giving me this book to review. 

After losing her leg in a shark attack when she was 6, Zoey has always been wary of the ocean, yet at the same time is drawn to it. On her 16th birthday she is accidentally swept into the sea and is turned into a mermaid and finally feels whole. Zoey decides to find out more about her mermaid half, and finds a kingdom full of danger under the sea and her father who did not know she existed and is also the king. However, both the mermaid and human world is under attack from a merwitch called Calandra and Zoey may be the only person able to defeat her.

Into the Deep is an ok paranormal book which is a quick romantic read, but it is a bit predictable. It felt like this is book was just the first half of a whole book as, even though it is not a long book, it had a lot of filler in it.

Zoey is a likable YA heroine but I thought that she was a bit flat and I found her character hard to connect to. This book has a love triangle, which I am not a fan of but while I really liked Xander and I hoped she would end up with him, I did not like Nerio as he was moody and very judgemental. I know I was meant to not like her, but I felt very sorry Eustencia, as she was ignored and overlooked by her father, who seemed much more interested in his other daughter, so no wonder she did not like Zoey.

Into the Deep is an ok paranormal read which was let down a bit by the drawn out story and flat characters. 

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