Thursday 6 February 2014


3 Stars/5

Thanks to Netgalley and Entangled Publishing for giving me this book to review.

When Cora was 5 her mother disappeared, and she and her father moved away from Ireland and since then he became overprotective of her. Now, after almost dying from a mysterious illness, Cora has developed the ability to see people’s auras and her own which is unique as it is just silver. She is drawn to the Irish exchange student, Finn and they have a whirlwind romance, but then his mother demands he come home. After her father gets too protective and secretive of her and their past Cora decides to go to Ireland to look for her mother and the mystery surrounding her ability.

Scintillate is a likable YA paranormal book, which is a quick, light read. However, I would have liked to have meet Cora before she got her abilities, even if only for a chapter or two, to see how much her life has changed because of it. This is a minor thing but it annoyed me, is that Cora came very close to dying at the beginning of the book and they are not sure what was wrong with her, but they still released her after only spending one night in hospital.

Cora is a kind and likable main character, however, I found her a bit too stubborn and reckless as she ran head long into danger and would not listen to advice or reason. The romance between Cora and Finn happened way too quickly, which meant I could not connect to their relationship, and then there is the love triangle which is really starting to get boring. However, my favourite characters are Cora’s best friends, Mari and Dun, as they seemed willing to help her out.

This book ends on a fairly big cliff-hanger and with lots of questions left unanswered. I would recommend Scintillate to people who enjoy Twilight and Evermore. 

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