Friday 4 April 2014

Almost a Goddess

3 Stars/5

Thanks to Sandra Martinez for giving me this book to review.

About a year after becoming king, Xiao sets into motion a quest to find a young child called Ming, who is the bearer of The Torch, along with Xiao’s friends Mika and Jin-Long. They must find the boy as he would be a valuable ally and must not fall into the hands of the Followers of the Snake. They are being followed by Adi and her black dragon, so Mika leads them away from where Ming has hidden, but finds his past has caught up with him. Balian also receives an urgent call from someone close to his heart, and the followers of the Goddess must work together to stop the network of abuse being committed across the world.

Almost a Goddess is the second book in the Elearah chronicles and I found it much more engaging and harder to put down, even though the beginning of the book did not seem to have much focus to me, as the story did not seem to know which way it was going. However, one thing I did not like in this book was the chauvinistic way the men treated their wife’s, as it seemed OK for them to very seriously consider cheating, if their wife does not want to sleep with them because they have just had a baby.

Most of the characters that we have grown to know and like are back in this book along with some new ones such as Adi. I liked how we got to know more about Balian’s past as he is an important person in this series. However, I did miss Elearah, and to some extent Pearl, as they were not as much in this book compared to the last and I missed them.

Almost a Goddess is an enjoyable book and would recommend to people who enjoyed reading the first book The Pearl. 

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