Monday 28 April 2014

Lady Thief

3 Stars/5

Scarlet’s identity has been revealed and is now unwillingly married to Lord Gisbourne, this is effecting Scarlet and Robin’s love for each other as they don’t want to commit a sin. With royalty arriving in Nottingham to appoint a new sheriff, so does Scarlet’s husband and she is forced to take part in court life with Gisbourne, if she able to get her happy ending with her beloved Robin Hood. However, Prince John is out to get her because of a secret from her past that she doesn’t even known about.

Lady Thief is a good sequel to the first book Scarlet, as it is a quick action packed read. It has more political intrigue than the last book and I enjoyed the romance in this book more.

I really like Scarlet as she never gives up, and really cares about and looks out for people. I also liked Robin as he cares about Nottingham, however, while I understand his PTSD, I really did not like the violence especially as it seemed to be used just as a plot device.

This book ends on a big cliff-hanger which makes me want to read the next book, I would recommend Lady Thief to people who liked the first book, Scarlet.

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