Thursday 24 April 2014

Outside In

4 Stars/5

After being the reluctant leader of the Force of Sheep all Trella wants now is for everyone to get along with each other, spend time with Riley and exploring more of Inside, especially as the committee is not listening to her ideas. However, things are not going as anyone planned Inside, as the Scrubs and Uppers don’t like and are distrustful of each other and someone is setting explosives to sabotage the Inside. Now with an even greater threat coming Trella is struggling to know who to turn to and trust.

Outside In is a very good sequel to Inside Out as it is more action packed, has more twists and more intrigue. In this book you really feel you are stuck Inside with Trella and cannot tell who she should trust. I really like this book as it answer the question what happens after you stop an oppressive regime?

I like Trella as she is strong, stubborn and grows in herself during the book, but it is annoying how she kept things from Riley and was stupidly reckless. I really liked Riley as he is more confident in this book and surer of himself. While the romance is probably more realistic, I did not like the tension between Trella and Riley in this book. My favourite secondary character in this book is Logan as I really like loveable geeks.

This is a really good second book and while I know it is the end of Trella’s story, I wish there was more. I would recommend Outside In to people who enjoyed the first book Inside Out.

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