Monday 25 August 2014



Thanks to Netgalley and Month9Books for giving me this book to review.

50 years ago the commander come to power and thought that the 7 deadly sins led to the corruption of society. The guilty are branded different colours according to their sin and are sent to The Hole, a lawless place with poor conditions and you have to be wary of everyone, especially the guards. Lexi has been falsely accused of the sin lust and has been sent to The Hole with a guard, Cole, who is meant to watch out for her. As Lexi adjusts to her new harsh surroundings, facing violence and death every day, she grows close to Cole but rebellion is brewing in The Hole.

Branded is a unique and very good dystopia based on the 7 deadly sins and it did not read like it was written by two authors. This book has action, forbidden romance and danger, it is a YA but also dark and gritty. This book is better than I thought it would be as it has twists, flowed very nicely and I could not put down.

Lexi is kind, strong and a survivor as she did not let life change her, she also adapted to her different surroundings and did not let it get the best of her. Cole is brave, protective and reused to abuse his powers like others in his situation. However, my favourite character is Zeus as he is a protective and lovable dog.

I really liked this book and am looking forward to the next book. I would recommend Branded to people who enjoyed The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon or Elantris by Brandon Sanderson.

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