Wednesday 27 August 2014


3 Stars/5

Thanks to Netgalley and Spencer Hill Press for giving me this book to review.

Hitler had won the 2nd world war, and everyone has to conform to his version of perfection, fair skinned, blond hair and blue eyes. Ellyssa has been created to be the perfect soldier, strong, intelligent and telepathic but she is not perfect, unlike her siblings, as she feels emotions, which she has been hiding and repressing for all her life. When Ellyssa discovers her father’s plan for her, she runs away and encounters a group of rebels who are seen as flawed in the eyes of society. She grows closer to the rebels, especially Rein, but is she able to be happy without putting her new friends in danger?

Perfection is an interesting and likeable dystopia with action and romance, however, the first half was slow and I struggled with it, but the second half was much better. I do not know much about history so I might be wrong but, while I know that Hitler thought blonds with blue eyes were the ideal, I didn’t think that he thought brunettes were imperfect, as he was one.

Ellyssa is a strong yet vulnerable character, and very na├»ve as she does not understand emotions and how people think but she did get better as the book went on. Rein is protective, brave and would do anything to look after his “family”, however, I did not like the insta-love in this book between him and Ellyssa.

Interesting concept let down a bit by the slowness of the first half of the book. I would recommend Perfection to fans of The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken or The Host by Stephenie Meyer. 

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