Friday 15 August 2014

The One

3 Stars/5

Only 4 girls remain and the pressure is on all of them to be the perfect girl for Maxon, but only one can be chosen. America never thought she would be this close to the Crown, even though her feelings for Maxon are growing stronger and stronger. However, the rebels are getting more determined and aggressive, and everyone is in danger. Even though she never wanted power, America must fight for want she believes in and the future she wants.

The One is the enjoyable final book in the Selection series, it is very fast paced and is better than The Elite but does not live up to The Selection. This book has more action and politics, but it is still more of a romance than anything else.

America is not as annoying as she was in the last book but she kept on making bad decisions and still kept secrets, even though she had decided who she wanted to be with. I like Maxon, as he would make a good king as he is fair but not against making hard decisions. However, I still didn’t like how he treated the four girls, giving each of them the impression that he was going to choose them.

The ending seemed to be too easy and neat but I have enjoyed this series and I look forward to what Cass does next. I would recommend The One to fans of the first 2 books, The Selection and The Elite.

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