Tuesday 12 August 2014

Heir of Fire

3 Stars/5

Thanks to Netgalley and Bloomsbury Childrens for giving me this book to review.

Celaena has been sent to Wendlyn but does not stay long in the capital, she is taken by one of the Fae to the fortress Mistward to meet her great aunt Maeve, but Celaena must fully master her gifts, with the help of Rowan, in exchange for her Aunt to tell her about the wyrd keys. In Adarlan Chaol is trying to find out more about Aedion Ashryver, a general to the king, who has a remarkable resemblance to Celaena and is acting out of character. Dorian is struggling in dealing with his magic but is able to find a healer who is willing to help him, however, as he starts falling for her, she is put into danger because of her association with him. With the king up to something with the Ironteeth Witches, will Celaena be able to fulfil her last promise to Nehemia and also avenge her death.

Heir of Fire is an enjoyable book with action, secrets and multiple POV’s but is very slow and hard to get into. The biggest problem is that this story feels like it should not be a series of 6 books, as each book feels too stretched out.

I find myself caring about Celaena less and less as the series continues, but I did like in this book that she was able to deal with her past and look to her future. I was also a bit bored of the familiar characters such as Chaol and Dorian as I was not as interested about what was happening to them. There are a few new characters in this book who I enjoyed reading about, more than the characters from the previous books, there is the fierce Aedion, the complex Rowan and Manon who is an Ironteeth witch and a unique character to read about.

Even though my enjoyment of this series is decreasing, I still am going to give the next book a go and hope it improves. I would recommend Heir of Fire to fans of the previous books in the Throne of Glass series. 

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