Saturday 2 February 2013

Heart of the Dragon's Realm

4 Stars/5

Princess Kimri is angry because her brother King Dereth sold her to the mountain King for swords to defend his Kingdom. However, King Tathan is different from how she expected and offers her a year of courtship before her deciding if she want to marry him. As the year goes on she finds that she likes the Mountain King and may even grow to love him, but when the war changes, she may have to rely on only herself to save her Kingdom.

Heart of the Dragon’s Realm is a wonderful light fantasy novel which is both sweet and enchanting. This book has a great mix of romance, fantasy and adventure, and has a really good pace to it.

Kimri is a delightful heroine who has a good heart and acts realistically especially at the beginning of the book. I would have liked to find out more about Tathan as I felt there was much more to him and it could have been expanded on.

Heart of the Dragon’s Realm is a charming story if a bit predictable; also it could have done with another hundred pages or so. I would recommend this novel to people who like Witch Song or Magic Under Stone. 

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