Friday 8 February 2013

The Girl in the Clockwork Collar

4 Stars/5

Finley, Griffin, Emily and Sam are travelling to New York to save Jasper, who they believe has been arrested for murder. However, Jasper is not with the Police he is being held captive by his former gang. If Jasper returns the machine he stole from the gang’s leader Dalton, then Jasper’s first love Mia will not be killed by the mysterious clockwork collar around her neck. Finley goes undercover to help save Jasper and Mia, and to find out what this machine does and stop Dalton from using it.  

The Girl in the Clockwork Collar is the second book in the steampunk chronicles and is just as good as the first as it is still action-packed and full of romance. However this book is much more predictable than the last, as I could tell what would happen next and who the good and bad guys were.

While Finley’s two sides of herself have merged into one however she is not sure which side of herself is dominate the lighter or darker, this adds a lot of depth to her character and really makes her relatable to most people. I also really like the tension between Griffin and Finley as it adds another level to their romance.

Kady Cross is really talented at writing characters as they are well written and I could identify with every single one of them. I hope in the next book we learn more about Emily’s past and we get to see more of Jack, also I would like it if Wildcat was in it again as I think she would fit in with the group.

I really can’t wait to see what happen next in the series. I would recommend The Girl in the Clockwork Collar to people who liked The Girl in the Steel Corset or readers of steampunk. 

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