Tuesday 16 September 2014

Voices of Dragons

3 Stars/5

On one side of the border is modern life full of internet, mortgages and school, and on the other side are dragons. 17 year old Kay rock climbs at the border, but when she falls in a stream she crosses the border and is rescued by the Dragon Artegal and they develop and unlikely friendship. Kay struggles to balance her friendship with Artegal and her school life with her friend turned boyfriend Jon. With the fragile truce between the humans and dragons fracturing, Kay and Artegal are caught in the middle of the conflict. Will Artegal and Kay’s friendship be able to alter the course of the war and save lives?

Voices of Dragons is a good paranormal book with action and a bit of romance. I enjoyed the bits of this story with Artegal and it made me want to learn more about the dragons’ culture, but I got irritated by the school bits in the book.

Kay is an adventurous, mature and outdoorsy character, but is also a normal teen, who has typical 17 year old worries such as peer pressure, but she does not make rash decisions. Artegal is a young rebel dragon who does not want to do what he is told to do but to find out the truth for himself. Jon is a nice boy who likes nature and is understanding but he is a bit too passive and I did not feel we really got to know him.

The ending of this book is rushed but that being said I hope there is another book in this series. I would recommend Voices of Dragons to fans of the Firelight series by Sophie Jordan. 

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