Friday 26 September 2014


4 Stars/5

Raeth has been captured by the queen and is being held for information she does not remember about her Neumarian powers. Her only friend is Princess Semara, but as her tortures grow, Raeth becomes unsure if Semara is helping her or just trying to gain her trust. Will Raeth be able to escape or die before she betrays her brother and people?

Weighted is a prequel short story to Escapement and it is really enjoyable and gripping. It is interesting to see such an important part of Raeth and Semara’s history and adds depth to the first book.

I felt really sorry for Raeth in this book as she goes through so much pain in this book but never gives in especially as she is only 12. I also liked Semara as we got to see how selfless she is but also how conflicted she is between what she can see about Raeth and what her mother tells her.

It was really interesting seeing an important part of Raeth past and the bond that formed between her and Semara. I would recommend to fans of Escapement. 

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