Wednesday 3 September 2014

Reason for Vengeance

4 Stars/5

In the distant future, mankind has spread out onto many worlds, but society is very unequal.  The Privileged live in wealth and power for hundreds of years, and the rest of humanity live short, menial lives, struggling to survive.  Valerie Carter is Privileged, working as one of the best Special Operatives in the Legion, putting down rebellions against the Privileged, and living as a loving wife and mother when not working.  When tragedy strikes she turns rogue.  In time she meets Hanna, a street waif whose life she saves, and through their association, gradually her thoughts turn to vengeance.

Reason for Vengeance is a very good Sci-fi novel with elements of dystopia.  It is a little bit too detail-heavy, especially in the beginning, which made it a bit slow to get into, but it picked up pace later on.

Valerie is a strong and powerful lead character, maybe a bit too perfect in her family life, but her character flaws came to the forefront later in the book and made her quite intriguing.  Hanna is another strong character, a survivor in a dangerous world, and someone you feel you can relate to.

I really liked this book and am looking forward to the next one.  I would recommend Reason for Vengeance to fans of classic Sci-fi novels.

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