Monday 22 September 2014


3 Stars/5

Principessa Annalisia is a seer but this kept secret by her grandmother the queen. On her way home after an awful party her cloth maiden, Mira, was mistaken for her and was abducted. Wracked with guilt, she is determined to find her friend, so she disguises herself as Anna, along with her loyal servant Illan, and joins up with Mira’s older brother, Jovanni, to search for her together. Jovanni, unknown to Anna, is a Sentinel, a person able to transform into a falcon, and as they grow closer together they realise they are from completely different social worlds and are unable to be together. With them uncovering clues and with other girls getting kidnapped, will they be able to rescue Mira in time.

Aire is an enjoyable light fantasy romance, but it was not what I was expecting when I read the blurb, as I thought it was going to be more of a quest than it was.  This book felt very vague, like a watered down adult book, and is full of clichés.

Anna is a free-spirited princess but she is also very stubborn as she will do want she has put her mind to, but she is also very naïve. Jovanni is brave, devoted to those he cares about but also hides a big part of himself from everyone.

A lot is left unanswered in this book and I felt it was not as good as The Language of Souls but still likable. I would recommend Aire to fans of light YA fantasy romance. 

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