Monday 22 October 2012

Bleeding Hearts

4 Stars/5

Bleeding Hearts starts a few months after Out for Blood, in which the blood moon is fast approaching, Lucy is feeling isolated and abandoned by the Drakes and Lucy’s cousin Christabel is coming to town

I really liked finding out more about the Hel-Blar and how there society works. I also liked how Lucy is back as a main character and how the past two books has affected as a person.

My favourite character in this book is Connor as I totally get his sense of humour and we like similar stuff as him, as in I get the Firefly and Star Wars references and I read fantasy books because the good guys always win like him.

However I did not connect with Christabel as while we both like reading, I felt all of her characteristics were not realist and were only there to create obstacles. I also felt no spark between Connor and Christabel as it did not seem they would like each other that way in real life and this was disappointing as this was the relationship I was looking forward to, however Nicholas and Lucy’s relationship made up for it.

This book felt a bit like a middle book and end on a cliff-hanger which will make you itch to pick up Blood Moon straight away. I would recommend this book to all who liked the rest of Harvey’s books.

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