Friday 19 October 2012

City of Lost Souls

4 Stars/5

City of Lost Souls starts of 2 weeks after Jace and Sebastian have disappeared. The clave de-prioritise the search of them but clary and the rest of the gang don’t want to give up and will even break the law to do it.

This book is much more captivating than City of Fallen Angels as you don’t want to put it down and not find out what happens next. Although I did find it annoying that everyone has to be in a relationship and that no one could be happy and single.

I really connected with Clary in this book as both her and reader don’t know what is going on and who to trust while she tries to find out Sebastian’s plans, and even though Clary did make some mistakes she own up to them in the end. I could not work out Sebastian and what he was doing and I sometimes doubted whether he was evil or not. Jace is a really good baddy but I am glad we got to see a bit of normal Jace as well.

While Clary is finding out Sebastian’s plans Simon, Isabelle Magnus and the rest are trying to find a weapon that could kill Sebastian, I felt that this bit was more about the characters and their emotions than any action especially compared to Clary’s parts of the book but in City of Heavenly Fire there will probably be enough action to make up for this.

Overall this is a very good book but it is still not as up to the same level as the first 3 as they has the right balance between humour, romance, emotion and action. I would recommend to anyone who likes or loves the immortal instruments and infernal devices series.
P.S. I think brother Zachariah is someone we might already know.

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