Friday 12 October 2012


5 Stars/5

Need is about a girl called Zara White who after her step-dad’s death is sent to Maine to see whether living with her grandmother will help with her depression. However there is a sinister man seems to be following her around and may be linked to her step-father’s death.

Need is an interesting YA paranormal book which is full of suspense, romance and action, in a world filled with weres (were-tigers, werewolves) and pixies. But what I really love about this book are the characters, the four friends Zara, Nick, Issie and Devyn work really well together and have a good chemistry. Also the romance is a part of the story line but does not take it over like some YA paranormal books.

The baddies are really creepy and I would not want to meet them in a dark alley. But they are really fascinating and it is easy to understand and empathise with the main baddy. There is a lot of twists in the book and I could not guess what would happen next.

Need is a brilliant series and you really NEED to read this, I would recommend this to anyone who likes YA paranormal romance with a twist.
P.S. I love the phobias

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