Monday 22 October 2012


5 Stars/5

Bloodlines is a spin-off series of the vampire academy series in which the alchemist Sydney has to look after Jill because she is being hunted by assassins trying to stop Lissa staying Queen. Also girls are being murdered and there tattoo which have unique powers.

I really like Sydney’s character and while both rose and Sydney are both protective and loyal, Sydney likes to think before acting and enjoys learning new things which I can really relate to.

I’m really glad some of our favourite characters return such as Jill and Eddie but it was also good to meet new ones like Keith and Trey. However was I am really happy about is that Adrian is back, although I always thought Rose should be with Demitri, I really hope Adrian his happily ever after.

I also like how the romance in this series is slower and more realistic than most YA paranormal romances, and while there was not much romance in this book there is a lot of potential.

Although it is a bit slower than the vampire academy series it was brilliant and kept on making you guess what was going on and who the bad guys are. I would recommend Bloodlines to anyone who likes or loves the Vampire Academy series

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