Tuesday 23 October 2012

The High Lord

5 Stars/ 5

It has been a year since the challenge and Sonea has earned the respect of her fellow novices, but is still being held captive by the High Lord, but as she learns more about Akkarin, she has to figure out if he is telling the truth or manipulating her. Meanwhile Dannyl and Tayend are happy together and have a mission to stop a group of rogue magicians, and Cery is now a Thief and is tracking down some serial killers.

Trudi Canavan is a fantastic author and this is my favourite series because of the story, how she writes the characters, but mostly it has a certain spark. This book has action, romance and suspense.

I love how you get so involved in the character’s lives and get worried when they are in danger. I also like how much Sonea has grown as a character throughout the series and how she puts others before herself even those she does not like.

I really like how action packed the book gets at the end and how involved I got and how understandable the motives of the baddies are (even though I don’t agree with them).

However my favourite character is Akkarin because who knew a author could change how much I felt about a character in just one book! I went from hating him to pitying him to finally crying at the end about him, it is amazing how Canavan does it.

My one criticism of this book is the ending, Why Trudi why kill him off when they both could of survived if they did ONE thing differently! I know good triumphed over evil but I like my endings happy (sorry rant over)

I would recommend this trilogy to everyone especially whose who likes fantasy whether YA or not similar to Maria V Snyder or Kristin Cashore.

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