Friday 12 October 2012


4 Stars/5

Endure started right after Entice where Zara and friends are trying to stop Frank and his pixies from destroying Bedford and the rest of the world.

The book is REALLY action packed and nonstop full of suspense and emotion, and wraps up the series brilliantly. It is amazing to see the characters change and grow throughout the books, especially Zara who in the first book said she would not be violent even to those who would hurt her, to in this book her defending her loved ones no matter what. Also she finally accepts her who she is and is comfortable in her own skin.

The one annoying thing about this book (and I know most of you will disagree) is that she chooses Astley, throughout the series it’s been all about Nick and Zara, whether accepting their star-crossed romance or Zara in Entice willing to do anything to rescue Nick from Valhalla, and then in this book them just being ok being friends. It just did not seem realist as I thought she was destined to be with Nick and best friends with Astley, as I only got the friend vibe between Zara and Astley throughout the first three books and the romance between them felt forced and unnatural.

It is full of twists and turns and keeps on making you guess who the good guys are and who are not. Plus I love the secondary characters especially Issie who is so cute and I just want to give her a hug and Betty who is the coolest grandmother ever.

Endure is a fantastic book and would recommend the book to people who have read the first three books and the series to anyone who likes YA paranormal romance.

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