Monday 22 October 2012

The Assassin and The Empire

4 Stars/5

This is the fourth and final throne of glass novella in which Sam and Celaena are living together and trying to get enough money to leave Rifthold for good by doing one last but dangerous assignment.

This novella is heart breaking but it is nice to know how Celaena ends up where she is at the beginning of throne of glass. Celaena does make a lot of mistakes in this book but she is still a really interesting character which I have liked getting to know.

I love the relationship between Celaena and Sam but I’m annoyed about how this story line ends, but I can see why it needs to happen this way for Celaena story to progress.

I love how Maas makes you really care about the character even in a story as short as this and I am counting down the days until Throne of Glass comes out and I hope it is as good as the novellas suggest it will be.

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